FanQuest Nation (FQN) serves fandoms for television, movies, books, sports, and music.  It was created to enable fans to engage with each other and share their love of specific interests. FQN was built by an entrepreneur businesswoman and mom who wanted to understand the social media world of her daughter.  As an avid movie fan (especially horror), she started following the Instagram and Facebook pages for her favorite shows and envisioned the idea of FanQuest Nation. Bringing together over 30 years of event management experience and a team with passion for entertainment, FQN is excited for the impending adventures within the many amazing fandom communities.


We host exclusive, signature, live and online events for guests to gather and share in unforgettable experiences that immerse fans in a featured genre (e.g., Zombie, Sci-fi, Superhero, Rock & Roll, Football, etc.).  Along with providing unique and memorable engagements, we seek to build a fellowship across the FanQuest Nation community, where people can come together and enjoy fandom passions.


Our signature events are held online or at specific venues that complement the nature of the occasion.  FanQuest Nation social media pages and website provide event details, specify sponsor information, and connect fandoms through various activities such as: contests, fan discussions, games, and other interactive engagements that highlight the happenings within a fandom.


Through hosting unique, signature events, and promoting them via robust, targeted social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our intent is to incrementally build a presence nationwide. To successfully accomplish this, we seek long-term relationships with businesses who provide fan-based products and services, building a collective team of strategic partnerships that collaboratively support and benefit from FanQuest Nation events and activities.

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We partner with businesses that offer products and services to FanQuest Nation target markets. Partnerships are a great mechanism a business can use to make an impression on the specific fan base or charity patrons our signature event/activity is focused to attract.

We strive to collaborate with likeminded companies and create tailored partnerships that meet specific business needs and brings value to the organization. Our intent is to create long-term relationships and lasting connections with our partners.

To begin a collaborative relationship with FanQuest Nation, please contact us.