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Upcoming Events
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FanQuest Nation's unique, signature events incorporate a variety of activities such as: special guests, games, contests, exhibits, and workshops. A few examples of our themed fandom events and activities include: Movie Screenings, Scavenger Hunts, Ghost Hunts, Charity Galas, Competitive Events, 18 and Under Events, Trivia, Festivals, Themed Dinner Parties, Parent/Child Events, Club Cosplay, Sports Events and Activities, Family Cosplay Day, Music Events, Crafts and Cocktails, and much more.

It is important that our events help give back to the community. Some of our key passions include supporting our frontline heroes, helping our nations veterans, and children’s initiatives such as promoting antibullying awareness. Our events contribute to groups that support these objectives. Each event provides guests with details of the charity that is selected to promote awareness during that specific occasion. Please see our event calendar to check out our active and upcoming events, as well as purchase tickets! 


Tired of the same old weekend binge-watching routine? FanQuest Nation has your back with a virtual game series presenting a variety of different challenges including Tastings and Trivia, Beer and Bingo, and Name that Tune.  Enjoy entertaining hosts, play fun games, meet new friends, and win prizes!



Join FanQuest Nation as we present our love of B Horror Movie Classics through our Virtual Event Series: Slashtastic Saturday!

Through our collaboration with Wild Eye Productions and Fourth Horizon Cinema, we bring you a selection of B Movie Films to enjoy.  This event currently focuses on horror movies, but many genres (e.g., action, thriller, etc.) are coming soon.  

The inaugural event offered a screening of camp slasher parody, Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre. Special guest appearances included Dave Campfield the film’s award-winning Director, Producer Paul Chomicki, and leading actress Felissa Rose, star of the iconic film Sleepaway Camp.

The night begins with a panel introduction that may include the films’ Director, Producer, Lead Actors, and others who took part in making the film.  Our guests set up the story and share experiences about making the movie.  We then watch the movie along with our guest panel who engage with movie viewers through our interactive chat by answering questions and telling behind-the-scenes stories about certain aspects of the movie.

Throughout the event, fans have opportunities to ask questions to the filmmakers, win prizes, enjoy trivia activities, and interact with the guest panel at the end of the film.




In collaboration with our Sponsor, Sauce Daddys, we show guests multiple sauce varieties for them to learn about and then try their tolerance at tasting each one.

The evening includes a different sauce challenges chosen for the event theme. Our host describes each sauce and how it can be used with different foods and in many recipes.  After the history on each bottle, guests take the taste challenge.  For the tastings, we ask each guest to turn on their cameras so we can capture each person's reaction to the sauce.

Guests participate by purchasing tickets to the event. We have a limited number of tickets available due to wanting to capture guest reactions on the Webex camera.  Prizes are given to guests who reach a certain level; we also feature raffle drawings with prizes provided by our sponsors. Other prizes are also given randomly to guests who take videos or photos of themselves or friends attempting to eat the hot sauces.

Coming soon - special guests will be featured to participate in the hot sauce challenge with our attendees.


Guests are asked to post their attempt on social media and tag two friends for a chance to win prizes. #FQNbeattheheat.



COVID has created an environment of finding different ways to enjoy social activities.  During this time, exercise has proven to be very important.  Our event allows families and friends to exercise together, including walking and/or running together, including their pets! 

Our event offers a 5K and 10K option. Run (or walk) the distance, guests pick where and when they want to do their run/walk which has a time limit for them to complete. 

Ready Set Run enables challengers to win prizes, celebrate family, and support a worthy cause. The event features awards for race finishers by categories, and a Registration Kit with local treats as well as games, contests, and prizes over the month of the event. Participants are invited to wear theme appropriate costumes and participate in our best character contests.


Have Fun with Friends, Test your Trivia Knowledge, and Learn new Cocktails!

FanQuest Nation presents an interactive, monthly trivia event that tests player entertainment knowledge around specific subjects such as horror (e.g., zombie, supernatural, vampire) and action (e.g., marvel, DC, martial arts), etc. Tastings and Trivia features a host of activities such as themed drink tastings by a professional mixologist, challenging trivia led by an entertaining host, and prizes including raffles or awards by categories.

Events are themed based on the trivia subject (e.g., Star Wars, Christmas Horror movies, etc.). Prizes, games, and drinks are all tailored to the month’s trivia theme.  Guests who simply want to attend can purchase a general ticket and log on to join the game. For those who would like an upgraded ticket, guests receive a Game Packet to facilitate the tasting activity. Before the event, we mail each guest a Game Packet with materials that support the theme. 

The Game Packet: This kit may include items such as cocktail mixes, snacks that match the drinks (e.g., chocolate with wine, etc.), game cards, mixer kits, and other sponsored items that match the theme.

We have partnered with Trivia Hub for this event.


Join FanQuest Nation, along with our partner Trivia Hub in playing an interactive online game that will have your team shouting BINGO!!  Bingo is a proven crowd-pleaser – you can relax, play, and just have fun! A fan favorite that everyone is familiar with which makes it simple to get teams playing in no-time. Each month we will bring you themed bingo games that include an engaging host, unique bingo patterns, and contests that inspire friendly competition for a fun night for all.


Games are themed based on the fandom selection for the month (e.g., Schitt’s Creek, the Office, etc.). Prizes, games, and beer choices are all tailored to the game’s theme.  Guests who simply want to attend can purchase a general ticket and log on to join the game. For those who would like an upgraded ticket, guests receive a Game Packet with themed goodies that go with the game that are mailed prior to the game.


Fun aspects of the game include:


Interactive, personable hosts that get the game moving with fun questions and banter that keep players engaged and enhance the experience.


A unique online format that enables players to put up a fun display name that matches the theme, see all calls on clear caller screens, play through multiple bingo “rounds”, and compete against team members with a real-time game leaderboard!  


Easy player participation for your team to join in the event.  Players click a Zoom link to join the event and then get their online bingo cards to mark spaces while the host calls out numbers – it’s that simple!



In our standard Tasting and Trivia events, teams play themed trivia, win prizes, and dress as their favorite character. Celebrity Tastings and Trivia kicks it up a notch - the entire event is still designed around a chosen fandom/theme - from all of the questions, the host’s knowledge, music, and with the special addition of celebrity appearances. During these events, a celebrity recording from the fandom will be played to say hi and quiz guests on questions immersing teams in favorite fandom experiences.

Fandom Trivia Celebrities


Frank Grillo - Marvel

Jack Coleman - The Office

Gilbert Gottfried - Disney

Josh Herdman - Harry Potter

Larry Hankin - Friends

Nana Visitor - Star Trek

James Cosmo - Game of Thrones

Jay Jackson - Parks and Recreation

Femi Taylor - Star Wars

Sarah McLeod - Lord of the Rings


Music lovers come together and test your knowledge on lyrics, artists, and more.

 Sing and dance with the host, win prizes, and share your passions for different genres (rock, country, pop) each month.


Players that guess the most songs correctly win a prize, bonus points are awarded during the rapid fire countdown. 



Volunteering is a rewarding experience – not only do you get to interact with friendly people, you get to play a major role in creating an exceptional and exciting atmosphere for our guests. We could not do this without you and appreciate the time you give to us. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we enjoy hosting our events.

Our volunteers receive different benefits based on each event such as free t-shirts, group photo, free tickets, front line access to other events, food/drinks, etc. Sign up for our program and let us know the types of events you would enjoy supporting.

Fan Cheering
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