FQN Members are Called FanQuistadors

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**Manage from any device

**Exclusive access to pages and services

**Receive reward badges for activities


FREE: General Access to FanQuest Nation site

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Memberships are available monthly. Receive added discounts for yearly memberships paid in full, along with an FQN Welcome Packet with surprise goodies.

FanQuistador Benefits – How it Works!

1. Select Your Membership Preference
Review the membership types, select your preference, become a FanQuistador and instantly begin receiving benefits.


Content Access Levels per Tier include:

Member Gallery (all member access): Members can share, like, tag, and comment on community shared photos.

Forums (all access): New Member Forum - For members to say hi, introduce themselves, tell us about our fandom passions, engage the community, ask questions, share thoughts and add GIFs, videos, #hashtags and more to posts and comments.  FanQuest Nation Fun Suggest ideas for FanQuest Nation, post stories and pictures from our events, and share memories with other members!  Fantabulous Fandoms Discuss topics and news related to your favorite fandoms share memes, videos, ask questions and engage other fans who share your fandom passions.

Groups (private access): Members can view a list of other group members and follow their profile.  Each group has an exclusive discussion board where FanQuest Nation will announce upcoming member exclusive products, events, and sales.  FQN will also announce member-only pre-sales on these discussion boards.  


Products, discounts, and other benefits vary across membership tiers: Fan Addicts Group - Private specials from our FanQuest Nation and our partners for Supreme Fans and Grand Fanatics!  Supreme Fans Group - Private specials from our FanQuest Nation and our partners for Supreme Fans and Grand Fanatics! Grand Fanatics Group Private event sales, exclusive events for Grand Fanatics.

FQN Blogs: Includes an Entertainment Blog that enables members to keep up with the latest entertainment news. A Movie Blog for members to stay informed on new releases and share reviews and opinions on movies.  A Television Blog for FanQuistadors to express thoughts on new shows, cancellations, character changes and other things that affect our fandom viewing. A Music Blog for fans to Upload soundbites, comment on new releases, upcoming artists, and share other music passions.

2. Fill Out Your Profile
Tell us about yourself and your preferences so we can use them to tailor our collections and event activities. COMPLETE MEMBER PROFILE

3. Engage The Community
As a FanQuistador, access the Exclusive Member Portal to participate in private member activities  (movie nights, live discussions, blogs, and more), create new relationships, shop exclusive member sales, and join our dynamic FanQuest Nation community.

4. Receive Your Benefits
Experience exclusive discounts, private sales, exciting online and live events along with enjoying awesome products and original fanart creations. Don't forget to #fanquestnation when you share your benefits!

5. Enjoy FQN Rewards Loyalty Program

What is the FanQuest Nation (FQN) Rewards Loyalty Program?

FQN Rewards is a program for FanQuistadors to receive additional perks and benefits by completing specific activities and earning awards. 


Who can join the program?

All FQN members (FanQuistadors) who have signed up on the website are automatically enrolled in the FQN Rewards program.


How do I join?

Create a FanQuest Nation member account by going to and clicking Log In at the top right corner of the page.  Fill out a member profile, become a FanQuistador, and start enjoying member benefits.


How does it work?

There are several rewardable activities (sharing our site and liking our pages on social media, making store purchases, referring friends and more) that FanQuistadors can choose to complete for awards.  Members receive badges for extra activities such as attending FQN events. 


How do I redeem my points?

For every 200 points earned, members receive $10 to use for purchases. An email is sent with instructions on how to redeem rewards.




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